Авторы: Кауфман
Класс: 7
Предмет: Английский язык

Данный решебник учебника и рабочей тетради по английскому Кауфмана предназначен для учеников 7 класса и их родителей, контролировать и проверять выполнения домашней работы.

К учебнику и комплекту рабочих тетрадей

Часть 1


Lesson 1, 2

5.Use the, a, (no article).
1. He is my friend.
2. She will be a vet.
3. Simon is happy.
4. It was the interesting film.
5. Cute is a bad agent.
6. It was their house.

8.Complete the sentences.
1. She speaks French.
2. He is from Japan.
3. They speak Spanish.
4. We live in Turkey.
5. In Italy they speak Italian.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 1.
Complete the sentences.
Our boss works day and night because he is a workaholic.
If you cross the road and don’t look, your life will be in danger.
«I need to speak to your director.» — That’s me. I am the director of this school.
C. Use the, a, (no article).
1. Olga lives in Russia, It is a very big country.
2. He can’t speak German. If he goes to Germany, he’ll need a translator.
3. Did Robin come from Edinburgh or from London?
4. Do you speak Japanese? Is it difficult?
5. We want to go to Turkey next year. — Go in September. It is the best time in Turkey.
6. He lives in France, doesn’t he? — Yes, this man is a doctor from Paris.

Рабочая тетрадь № 1
1.Answer the questions about the characters.
Who speaks Japanese? — Boss does.
Boss speaks Japanese.
Who is learning Russian? — Agent Cute is.
Agent Cute is learning Russian.
Who is going to read history books? Rob is.
Rob is going to read history books.
Who likes to help people? — Boss does.
Boss likes to help people.
Who got lost in Russia? — Rob got lost in Russia.
Who found Rob? — Misha Inin did. Misha Inin found Rob.
Who likes reading books? — Rob, Rosy and Mark are.
Rob, Rosy and Mark like reading books.
Who is a workaholic? — Boss is. Boss is a workaholic.
Who went to the Edinburgh of the past? — Robin did.
Robin went to the Edinburgh of the past.
Who had a pen friend in Russia? — Rob had.
Rob had a pen friend in Russia.
Who goes to an ordinary school? — Misha Inin does. Misha Inin goes to an ordinary school.

2.Подчеркни названия стран, не совпадающие с названием языков.

В. Look at the menu of the Food of the World restaurant.
Match the food and the country.
Sushi is Japanese. You can have the best sushi in Japan.
Pizza is Italian. You can have the best pizza in Italy.
Borsch is Russian. You can have the best borsch in Russia.
Roquefort is French. You can have the best Roquefort in France.
Fish and chips are English. You can have the best fish and chips in England.
Chicken with rice is Chinese. You can have the best chicken with rice in China.
Kebab is Turkish. You can have the best kebab in Turkey.
Frankfurters are German. You can have the best frankfurters in Germany.
Paella is Spanish, You can have the best paella in Spain.

Lesson 3

Рабочая тетрадь № 1
1.Answer the questions.
Agent Cute finds people.
He comes from England.
He does his work for his brother.
He is a really nice guy.
Last year he found an English boy in Russia. His favourite pastime is watching TV.
He is going on holiday next month.
The boss is the head of the agency.
The boss always gives the best cases to Agent Cute because he is his brother.
The boss is very clever.
This summer the boss is going to take his first holiday.
His favourite pastime is learning languages. He is English.
He speaks eight languages.

3.Напишите слова, которые получаются из этих букв.
tip           fly
win        sand
ham      myth
green     tape

Lesson 4

7. Match the sentences and their translations.
1. — d      2. — a       3. — с      4. — b

A. Translate the words in brackets and fill in the gaps.
Agent Cute had to deliver a document to Rob MacWizard’s family.
The document was top secret.
Robin dropped the document when he went back to his time.
The document is a key to the treasure.
I have a cheese sandwich and you have a ham sandwich. Let’s swap.
B. Put the verbs in brackets in the right form.
Last year Agent Cute had a very interesting case.
An English boy Rob went to his pen friend Misha in Russia.
His parents came to the detective agency for help.
Agent Cute worked on the case.
He went to Russia and found Misha and his family.
They had a visitor from England — Robin.
Agent Cute watched the boys in Russia and,
when they went to England, he watched them in England.
Robin is from 1599.
He came from the past because he wanted to take the Stone of Destiny from Westminster Abbey back to Scotland.
The two boys used a time tunnel and swapped places in time
and Agent Cute helped them swap back!
He found a note. It is the key to a family treasure.

Рабочая тетрадь № 1
2.Answer the questions.
In America they speak English, don’t they? — Yes, they do.
In America they speak English.
In Russia they speak Russian, don’t they? — Yes, they do.
In Russia they speak Russian.
In Italy they don’t speak Spanish, do they? — No, they don’t.
In Italy they don’t speak Spanish. They speak Italian.
In China they speak Japanese, don’t they? — No, they don’t.
In China, they speak Chinese.
People from Berlin speak French, don’t they?— No, they don’t.
People from Berlin don’t speak French. They speak German.

Lesson 5

Guess the meaning of the underlined words,
clients — клиенты
catastrophe — катастрофа

3.Read and put the verbs in brackets in the right form.
Cute: Hi, Boss! A horrible thing happened!I can’t find the top secret document!
Boss: I don’t believe it! I put it into your bag!… Did you show it to anybody?
Cute: No! Of course, I didn’t.
Boss: Did you tell this lady about the trasure? Cute: Yes, I am afraid I did.
Boss: Did she tell you her name?
Cute: Yes. Her name is Minnie Mouse!
Boss: You are pulling my leg!
Cute: What’s wrong with the name?
Boss: The lady gave you a false name! Minnie Mouse is Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend and they are cartoon characters. You lost the top secret document and our clients are in danger. It is a catastrophe.
Cute: But, Boss, I’ll find the lady.
Boss: No, Cute, you can’t do that. You are fired!

5.Match the underlined sentences with the expressions from the box.
1. — с       4. — d
2. — b       5. — e
3. — f        6. — a

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 1
A. Agent Cute is writing a letter to Misha, but his Russian is not very good because he is very nervous. Write a letter in English.
Dear Misha,
I’m afraid, a horrible thing happened! I went to Tunbridge Wells. I had a document for Rob. This document is top secret. Robin dropped it and I picked it up. This document is the key to a treasure. I met a very nice lady on the train. She had a heavy bag, and I asked her: «Do you need a hand?» She said: «Thank you».
We were speaking, and she said to me: «You are strong, you are handsome, tell me about your business».
I told her about myself, Rob and Robin, and she said: «You are pulling my leg». Then she stole this document.
Rob is in danger. Boss is very angry. I am fired. Tell about all to Rob.
Agent Cute.

Lesson 6

Test yourself.

Рабочая тетрадь № 1

2.Look at the map. Write the names of the countries and their languages.
Great Britain            France
English                   French

Spain                      Italy
Spanish                  Italian

Turkey                    China
Turkish                   Chinese


3.Match the questions and the answers.
1. Let me introduce my brother. His name is Jack Brown —
e) It’s very nice to meet you.
2. How do you do? c) How do you do?
a) I’m afraid I have to go now. — It was very nice to meet you.
4. Where are you from? — I’m from Germany.
5. What do you do? — e) I’m a driver.

4.Use the expressions from Ex.3 and write a dialogue.
Let me introduce my brother. His name is Jack Brown.
How do you do?
How do you do?
Where are you from?
I’m from Germany.
What do you do?
I’m a driver.
I’m afraid I have to go now.
It was very nice to meet you.

6.Complete the sentences with the right form of the verbs.
Robin MacWizard is from Edinburgh.
Robin found the time tunnel.
Rob wants to visit Misha.
Misha lives in Lukinsk.
Betsey has three children.
The boss is going to take his first holiday.


Lesson 1

Guess the meaning of the underlined word. mosquitoes — москиты

4.Write the adjectives in the right order.
My grandfather is a brave old man.
Our office is in a nice new house.
Ann’s Friends live in a beautiful little village. Nobody wanted to eat that disgusting cold soup.

5.Choose the right answer andfill in the gaps.
The deepest lake in the world is lake Baikal. The warmest of the three is the Red Sea. The longest river in the world is Mississippi. The largest ocean in the world is the Pacific Ocean.
The highest mountains are the Himalayas.

Рабочая тетрадь № 1
Put the words in the right order.
A backpack was old and heavy.
The sleeping bag was new and soft.
We slept on a hard cold ground.
We saw a young hungry bear.

Lesson 2

5.Help Rob pack his backpack. Fill in the gaps with the words.
1. It can be muddy in the forest, so they’ll need wellingtons.
2. They are going to walk for a long time, so they’ll need trainers.
3. They can get thirsty, so they’ll need a water bottle.
4. It is going to be dark in the forest, so they’ll need a torch.
5. They are going to make a campfire, so they’ll need matches.
6. It can be very cold at night, so they’ll need warm sweaters and warm jackets.
7. Their socks can get wet, so they’ll need an extra pairs of socks.
8. They are going to see a lot of beautiful places, so they’ll need camera.

Рабочая тетрадь № 1

3.Translate into English.
Я не люблю спать в палатке.
I don’t like to sleep in a tent.
У тебя есть спальный мешок?
Do you have a sleeping bag?
Он не мог найти спички и фонарь.
Не couldn’t find the matches and a torch.

Lesson 3

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. Put the adjectives in brackets in the right form.
Ted is taller than Steve.
My dad is older than my mum.
They are the happiest family in our town.
Mary’s English is worse than her German.
Nick is the best football player in our class.
The hottest day last year was 12 July.
D. Write questions for your Friends.
a)  1. What is the most beautiful city?
2. What is the most interesting museum?
3. What is the most important holiday?
b) 1. Is a book more interesting than a film?
2. Is Mathematics more difficult than History?
3. Is a bicycle cheaper than a car?
4. Is spring warmer than autumn?

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 1
В. Complete the table with the right form of the adjective.
Положительная степень:   Positive degree;  famous;  favourite;  good;  important   creepy;  horrible; easy; gloomy; interesting.

Сравнительная степень:  Comparative degree; more famous; more favourite; better; less important; creepier; more horrible; easier; gloomier; less interesting.

Превосходная степень: Superlative degree ; the most famous; the most favourite;  the best; the least important;  the creepiest;  the most;  horrible; the easiest;  the gloomiest;  the least interesting.

Lesson 4

1.Rewrite these sentences.
The matches are theirs.
The camera is mine.
The mosquito is yours.
The tents are ours.
The mattress is his.
The camping stove is hers.

2.Rewrite these sentences.
Peggy’s backpack is lighter than mine.
The weather today is worse than yesterday.
This house is smaller than that one.
This picture is cheaper than that one.
The Black Sea is colder than the Red Sea.
The cauldron is cleaner than that one.

3.Fill in the gaps with as …as or not as …as
This exercise is not as difficult as that one.
The film was not as good as the book.
My friend’s cat is as funny as mine.
Those shoes are as comfortable as those ones.
His backpack is as heavy as yours.

4.Choose the right word.
Is that your pen?
That pen is mine.
That ball isn’t his.
Is your dress as old as hers?
Their flat is as small as ours.
Our teacher was as good as theirs.

5.Find the mistakes.
My bag is as clean as hers.
This book is as interesting as that one.
His brother is older than hers.
Your mistakes are as bad as mine.

A. Choose the right word.
That tent wasn’t his.
He is her friend.
That kettle is theirs.
Look at him.
This pen isn’t mine.
B. Complete the sentences.
1. The Thames is not as the Enisey.
2. Her backpack is as light as mine.
3. Their tent was not as heavy as ours.
4. Shakespeare is as famous as Pushkin.
C. Translate from Russian into English.
1. This penknife isn’t mine. It’s hers.
2. Our tent isn’t as new as yours.
3. Their sleeping bags are not as warm as ours.
4. His book is as interesting as hers.

Рабочая тетрадь № 1
3.Choose the right form.
This is the darkest room in the house.
He saw the most popular film of the year. He is taller than I am.
That was the happiest day of his life.
Peggy’s sleepover was creepier than mine.
4.Answer the questions.
Is History as interesting as Literature? Yes, it is. History is as interesting as Literature.
March is as long as January, isn’t it? Yes, it is. March is as long as January.
Are the days in autumn as short as in winter? No, they aren’t. The days in autumn are longer than the days in winter.

4.Are you as tall as your friend? Yes, lam. Iam as tall as my friend.

Lesson 5, 6

1.Match the pictures and the idioms.
1. — d    2. — с   3. — b    4. — a


3.Match the expressions and their translations.
1. — d     2. — с    3. — a   4. — b

Guess the meaning of the underlined word.
Plaster — пластырь

5.What do you do with these things?
Match the nouns and the verbs.
1. — e     2.— с    3. — f    4. — d     5.— b     6. — a

A. Choose the right answer.
1. — b    2. — a    3. — с    4. — a    5. — b
B. Translate into English.
1. My backpack was not as heavy as his.
2. His face was as red as mine.
3. This sweater is not as warm as that one.
4. My tent is bigger than yours.
5. This place is as beautiful as that one.

Lesson 7

Рабочая тетрадь № 1
2.Find the mistakes and correct them.
He is the strongest boy in our class.
That cake is the worst.
He was the most handsome man in the family.
His flat is bigger than his friend’s flat.
3.Write your own sentences.
Maths is easier than History for me.
History is not as easy as Maths for me.
His backpack is lighter than mine.
My backpack is not as light as his.
Their camping stove is cheaper than ours.
Our camping stove is not as cheap as theirs.
My torch is better than yours.
Your torch is not as good as mine


Lesson 1

5.Choose the right answer
1. — с     2. — a     3. — a     4. — b    5. — a     6. — a     7. — с    8. — b

6.Fill in the gaps and complete the sentences.
The Eiffel Tower is in France.
The Berlin Wall is in Germany.
The Vatican Museum is in Italy.
The Tsar Bell is in Russia.
The Statue of Liberty is in the USA.
The Great Wall is in China.
The Natural History Museum is in England.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 1
В. Match the names of the capitals and their transcription.
1. — f   2. — b    3. — g    4. — с     5.— j    6. — i   7. — a    8. — e    9. — h  10 — d
C. Match the names of the countries and their capitals.
The capital of England is London.
The capital of France is Paris.
The capital of the USA is Washington, D.C. The capital of Italy is Rome.
The capital of Spain is Madrid.
The capital of Turkey is Ankara.
The capital of Russia is Moscow.
The capital of China is Beijing.
The capital of Japan is Tokyo.
The capital of Germany is Berlin.

Рабочая тетрадь № 1
1.Translate into Russian
— Азия — самый большой континент в мире.
— Австралия — самый маленький.
— Африка больше, чем Европа.
— Антарктика меньше, чем Северная Америка, но больше, чем Европа.
— Южная Америка — четвертый по величине континент, и меньше, чем Северная Америка.

2.Расположите названия континентов в порядке убывания из размеров.
1. Asia    2. North America    3. Antarctica    4. South America   5. Europe    6. Australia

3.Read and translate.
Средняя температура воды в океанах около 4 °С.
Морская вода замерзает при температуре — 2 °С.
Коралловое море — самое большое в мире.
Самая глубокая точка на дне мирового океана — Марсианская впадина в Тихом океане.
Гималаи — самые высокие горы в мире.

Озеро Байкал
Самое глубокое в мире озеро Байкал. Оно длиной 636 км и шириной 48 км. Глубина Байкала 1620 метров. Более 300 рек впадают в Байкал и только одна — Ангара вытекает из него.
Самоe соленое озеро в мире — Мертвое море. Из-за того, что в нем много соли, в этом море легко плавать.

Нил — самая длинная река в мире. Белый Нил и Голубой Нил сливаются в Судане и образуют Нил. Нил течет по Египту в Средиземное море.

Lessons 2, 3

1.Match the underlined words and their translations.
1. — e     2. — a     3. — b     4. — с    5. — d    6. — f
Guess the meaning of the underlined words,
windsurfing — виндсерфинг
postcard — почтовая открытка
fountains — фонтан
restaurant — ресторан

2.Write the negative form of the adjectives
unofficial, uncomfortable, untidy, unkind, unreal

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
В. Fill in the gaps with a positive or a negative form of the adjectives.
1. uncomfortable    2. happy     3. unkind     4. unusual     5. lucky      6. friendly

Lessons 4, 5

1.Read Sasha’s story again, fill in the gaps and answer the questions.
Where did he go to?
He went to St. Petersburg
Where did he stay?
He stayed in Peterhof.
What did he see?
He saw the beautiful fountains and palaces.
What was the weather like?
The weather was very nice.
What did he promise to his Friends?
He promised to send postcards.
How many postcards did he write?
He wrote thirty-five postcards.

4.Read Olga’s story again. Here are the answers. Write the questions.
Where did they go?
Where did they stay?
Did you like it there?
What was their room?
What was the sea?
What was the food?
What were the waiters?
What was the entertainment?
Why did they wake up at seven o’clock in the morning?

Рабочая тетрадь № 1
3.Use the или no article and answer the questions.
Do more people speak Chinese or English?
Which is the largest country in the world?
Is Africa larger than Europe?
Which sea is larger the Baltic Sea or the Coral Sea?
Are the Himalayas or the Alps the biggest mountains in the world?
The deepest lake in the world is Lake Ontario, isn’t it?
Is the Caspian Sea or the Dead Sea the saltiest in the world?
Is the Amazon shorter than the Nile?
Does the Nile flow through Egypt or Iran?

Lesson 7

Test yourself

Рабочая тетрадь № 1
3.Fill in the gaps with the, a or—(no article)
The USA is bigger than England.
People in the USA and England speak English.
Next summer my family will go to the Crimea.
I want to visit the British Museum.
Oxford Street is the biggest shopping street in London.
Tower of London stands on the river Tames.


Lesson 1

We can’t drink this water
Guess the meaning of the underlined words.
dynamite — динамит
plastic — пластик

6.Look at the pictures and fill in the gaps.
Four men came to the forest by car.
The men cut down the trees for their campfire.
The men killed the fish with dynamite.
They washed the car in the river.
The men didn’t pick up their litter and left the campfire.

A. Read and translate with a dictionary.
Жил однажды мудрый старик. Он мог ответить на любой вопрос в мире. Все знали о нем. Однажды два мальчика сказали: «Мы собираемся обмануть этого старика. Мы поймаем птицу, пойдем к этому старику и скажем: «У нас что-то в руках. Это живое или мертвое?»
Если он скажет: «Мертвое», мы отпустим птицу, а если он скажет: «Живое», мы убьем ее.
Они поймали птицу, принесли ее к старику и сказали: «У нас что-то в руках. Это живое или мертвое?» Мудрый старик посмотрел на молодых людей и улыбнулся. «Это в ваших руках», — сказал он.

Lesson 2

Guess the meaning of the underlined words.
atmosphere — атмосфера
toxins — токсины
chemicals — химикаты
climat — климат

3.Match the answers and the explanations.
1. — с   2. — a   3. — b

9.Add suffixes to these verbs and make nouns.
inform — information
situate — situation
protect — protection
pollute — pollution
organize — organization

Homework Рабочая тетрадь № 1
A. Choose the right answers.
1. — a, b    2. — a   3. — a, с    4. — b, с   5. — a, с
B. Find the mistakes.
I see a plane in the sky.
A lot of factories pollute our atmosphere.
The Sun is the biggest star in our Galaxy.
People went to the Moon in the 20-th century.
C. Translate into English.
Animals, plants, seas and oceans need our help.
The environment is in danger.
The water in this river is polluted.
People breath air and drink water.

Рабочая тетрадь № 1
Nine planets go round the sun.
Девять планет вращаются вокруг Солнца.
Mercury is the closest planet to the sun.
Меркурий — самая близкая планета к Солнцу.
The largest planet in the solar system is Jupiter.
Юпитер — самая большая планета в Солнечной системе.
There are billions of stars in the Universe.
Во Вселенной — миллиарды звезд.
Astronomers think that the Earth and the planets formed 4,600,000,000 years ago.
Астрономы считают, что Земля и планеты образовались четыре миллиарда шестьсот миллионов лет тому назад.

Make the questions for the underlined words.
How many planets go round the sun?
What is the clothest planet to the sun?
What is the largest planet in the solar system?
How many stars are there in the Universe?
Who thinks that the Earth and the planets formed 4,600,000,000.

Lesson 3

1.Rewrite these sentences. Use the prefix re-.
Reuse this bag again.
The workers had to rebuild this wall again.
We made a mistake. Recount the people again.
This flat is very old. We must redecorate it again.

5.Guess the meaning of the underlined words.
containers — контейнеры
materials — материалы
light — свет
electricity — электричество
public transport — общественный транспорт
spray — брызгать

8.Match the parts of the sentences.
1. — a    2. — с    3.— d   4. — b

10.Write turn on/turn off.
I’ll turn off the TV because nobody is watching it.
Turn on the radio! I want to hear the news.
You mustn’t forget to turn off the light.
Let’s dance. Turn on the music.

Рабочая тетрадь № 1
2.Выберите из списка слова, которые подходят под определениеpollution.
litter      chemicals      glass containers
toxins       cans

3.Match the verbs and the nouns.
Make your own sentences with the word combinations.
protect the environment
drop old containers
pollute the atmosphere
recycle litter
go by public transport
pay a fine
We should protect the environment.
We shouldn’t drop old containers.
We shouldn’t pollute the atmosphere.
It is good to recycle litter.
It is better to go by public transport.
People should pay a fine for pollution.

Lesson 7

Test yourself

Рабочая тетрадь № 1

3.Choose the right answer.
1. Litter is
rubbish which people drop in the streets.
2. Recycling is using litter again
3. A fine is
a) the money you pay if you do something bad
4. Air pollution is dangerouse because you can’t breathe
5. Pollution c)can kill people
6. There will be no air without c) forests
7. A plastic bottle lasts c) forever
8. Greenpeace is
an organization that protects the environment

4.Fill in the gaps with these words.
There is one extra word.
Our promise
The people of the Earth will protect their planet.
We will build special factories and recycle our rubbish.
Children will not drop litter and will help clean the forest.
We will never forget to turn on the electricity and water.

5.What mustn’t people do on the campsite? Write 3—4 sentences. Look at the picture for ideas.
People mustn’t drop litter.
People mustn’t cut the trees.
People mustn’t go by car through the fields.

Lesson 4, 5

1.Fill in the gaps with used to
Translate into Russian
My friend used to live in Moscow. Now he lives in St. Petersburg.
Мой друг раньше жил в Москве. Сейчас он живет в Санкт-Петербурге.
Kate hates cooking, but three years ago she used to cook for her children.
Кейт ненавидит готовку, но три года назад она имела обыкновение готовить для своих детей,
I used to visit my Granny every summer when I was a child.
Я имел обыкновение приезжать к моей бабушке каждое лето, когда я был ребенком.
I used to speak very good English, but I can’t do it now.
Я раньше хорошо говорил по-английски, но сейчас я этого не могу.

8.Complete the sentences with the words in brackets. Useused to.
The air used to be good, the sun used to shine and it used to be warm.
They used to sleep in the tents on the ground.
They used to cook their food on the camping.
They used to pick berries and mushrooms.
They used to swim in the river.


Lesson 1

5.Прибавьте окончание -ingк глаголам.
flying, putting, lying, making, carrying, typing, wearing, tying, cutting, acting, dropping, bitting, sharing, taking

6.Use the words in brackets in the Past Progressive.
She was washing up yesterday morning.
Peggy was writing a story at 7 o’clock last night.
They were picking up wood when we came.
We were singing songs at 10 o’clock last Monday.
I was reading a book when she called.
When we came, she was sleeping.

7.Put the verbs in brackets in the right form.
I saw him at 6 o’clock yesterday.
She heard nothing when she opened the door.
They wanted to play football at 9 o’clock yesterday.
My sister was in the park at 10 o’clock this morning.
When the teacher looked at them, they were talking.
He wanted to meet her at 10 p.m. yesterday.
They were on holiday when we called.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 1
A. Put the verbs in brackets in the right form.
Yesterday at six o’clock we were playing football. The sun was shining. All our Friends were watching us. My mother shouted something, but I couldn’t hear her. I wanted to be the best. We were having a lot of fun when our teacher came in and stopped the game.

Рабочая тетрадь № 1
1.Complete the sentences with the right form of the verbs in brackets.
1. She was playing when they arrived.
2. We were going up the street when we met him.
3. Grandad was digging a hole when Mark saw him.
4. He was looking for something when I turned on the lamp.

2.Correct the mistakes.
He was drinking juice when she came into the kitchen.
She was cooking dinner when he called.
They were playing when the film began.
We were going down the street when we met him.
My mother was buying vegetables when she saw me.

3.Put the words in the right order and write sentences.
I was sleeping when you called.
Mum was cooking dinner at ten o’clock.
I was having breakfast when I arrived.
Tim was doing his Homework at five o’clock yesterday.

Lesson 2

1.Make questions from these sentences.
My father was cooking dinner at two o’clock this afternoon.
Was my father cooking dinner at two o’clock this afternoon?
Who was cooking dinner at two o’clock this afternoon?
What was my father doing at two o’clock this afternoon?
When was my father cooking dinner this afternoon?
My father was cooking dinner at two o’clock this afternoon, wasn’t he?
2. She was writing a letter to her friend when he phoned.
Was she writing a letter to her friend when he phoned?
Who was writing a letter to her friend when he phoned?
What was she doing when he phoned?
When was she writing a letter to her friend?

2.Make questions.
When were we making a campfire?
What was our teacher telling about when the bell rang?
Who was eating pizza at three o’clock?
Where was my Granny sitting when it got dark?

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 1
Выпишите из текста:
1. — утвердительные предложения в Past Progressive и Past Simple
When you phoned
I was watching the snowdrifts grow
I was watching the snow
I was flying with snow in the sky
I was having a magical time
I was doing a very exciting thing
2.— отрицательные предложения в Past Progressive
Why were not sitting at home?
I wasn’t walking my funny cat
And I wasn’t using the Internet
And I wasn’t watching a boring film
You weren’t on the phone.
3.— общие вопросы в Past Progressive
Were you walking your funny cat?
Were you using the Internet?
Were you watching a film with Friends?
4. — специальные вопросы в Past Progressive
Why were you sitting at home?
What were you doing?

        Рабочая тетрадь № 1
1.Here are the answers. Write the questions.
Olga: What were you doing when I called?
Masha: I was sleeping when you called.
Olga: What was Mum doing at the time?
Masha: Mum was cooking dinner at the time.
Olga: Were you watching TV at 8 p.m. yesterday?
Masha: Yes, I was watching TV at 8 p.m. yesterday.
Olga: Was your brother watching TV at 8 p.m. yesterday?
Masha: No, he wasn’t. My brother was reading a newspaper.
Olga: When did your brother arrive?
Masha: My brother arrived when I was having a breakfast.

2.Make sentences with the words.He забывайте, что обстоятельство места стоит перед обстоятельством времени.
She was washing up at five o’clock yesterday.
What were you doing on Sunday morning?
Who was singing in your room yesterday morning?
What was she buying in that shop yesterday evening?
When were they playing football?

Lesson 3

1.Найдите среди этих выражений вежливую просьбу.
Match the expressions and the pictures. Could you stick to the point?
1. — a    2. — b     3. — с

3.Find the best translation for the expressions
1. — с     2. — b     3. — b

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 1
A. Make these sentences more polite.
Could you close the door?
Could you wash up?
Could you answer my question?
Could you help your mother?
Could you make a cup of tea?

Lesson 4

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 1
A. This is a new e-mail from Agent Cute.
He made a lot of mistakes again.
Translate the letter into English.
Yesterday when I came in the office.
Boss was speaking on the phone. I heard something.
Boss was speaking with police. Something is happening. Boss was not telling to me. He is angry. Yesterday at seven o’clock 1 was watching Boss. He was looking for a document.
To cut a long story short, you must be in England in three days. Hurry!
Agent Cute.

Lesson 5, 6

4.Listen, read and find.
British Airlines
f 52 and f 148
f 350

5.Find the translations of these sentences in the text.
It will take a long time.
It took me only three and a half hours.
How long does it take?
Fill in the gaps with the words train, plane, bus.
The train is faster than bus, but it is not as fast as the plane.
The train is more expensive than the bus, but it is not as expensive as the plane.
The plane is not as cheap as the bus, but it is faster than the train.
The train is not as expensive as the plane, but it is more comfortable than the bus.
The bus is the cheapest.
The plane is the most comfortable.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 1
В. Read the situations and write the sentences with it took.
It took Agent Cute one hour to write a letter to Misha.
It took Mary two days to read a book.
It took us one day to clean the house.
It took us two hours to get to Germany.

Рабочая тетрадь № 1
2.Translate into Russian
Чтобы умыться, ей требуется 15 минут.
Чтобы доехать до Москвы, тебе потребуется два часа.
Чтобы найти книгу, ему потребовался месяц.
Чтобы приготовить обед на костре, требуется полчаса.
Чтобы очистить лес, детям потребовалось две недели.
Ему надо много времени, чтобы добраться до своего офиса?
Много ли потребуется времени, чтобы организовать ночную экскурсию в музей?
Робину потребовалось много времени, чтобы вернуться домой?

3.Answer the questions.
How long does it take to do your Homework? — It takes me two hours to do my Homework.
How long will it take you to get to Moscow? — It will take me eight hours to get to Moscow.
How long does it take your mother to cook dinner? — It takes my mother one hour to cook dinner.
How long did it take your friend to do his/her Homework yesterday? — It took my friend three hours to do his/her Homework yesterday.
How long did it take them to put up a tent? — It took them ten minutes to put up the tent.
How long does it take you to read a book? — It takes me one hour to read a book.
How long does it take builders to build a house? — It takes builders one year to build a house.

4.Read the words in transcription. Write them.
star      night      cheen         catch
bone     shy        when        monkey
look     plane       jam           grow
wait      dark        firm          ham
beauty  colour front

Lesson 7

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 1
A. Босс прислал Маквизардам копию похищенной записки. Listen, read and translate them with a dictionary.
Это находится сейчас в далекой земле.
Друиды отдали это перед тем, как уйти.
Наша семья передавала это от отца к сыну.
Оно одно в семи, семь в одной.
Однажды это принесло смерть,
Однажды это показало путь,
Однажды это принесла богатство,
Однажды это спасло день,
Однажды это принесло любовь,
Однажды это принесло надежду,
Однажды это принесло мир воюющим народам.
Она была добро к некоторым людям и заставило некоторых плакать.
Но к добру или нет, оно спасло их жизни.
Но они потеряли это, и сокровище потерялось.
Найди семь ключей и сокровище твое.
Роб: Это загадка. Я не понимаю.
Рози: Грабитель понял ее. Он хотел найти что-то важное в доме.
Миша: Но грабитель ничего не взял.
Рози: Его поджимало время. Когда мистер Ларкин обнаружил его, он пытался открыть старый ящик. В этом ящике лежат древние книги. Затем грабителю были нужны старые книги?
Марк: Я знаю. Потому что в них есть ключ к старому сокровищу. Ты помнишь? «Наша семья передавала это от отца к сыну».
Роб: Но здесь тысячи книг. Мы не можем их все прочитать. Никто не найдет это сокровище.
Миша: Я думаю, все проще. Мы должны найти семь историй об одном, потому что одно в семи, и семь в одном.
Марк: Да! И оно пришло от Друидов. Поэтому мы должны начать с них. Я помню очень интересную историю в старой рукописи. Давайте попробуем начать с нее.

Lesson 8, 9

5.Match the names and the descriptions.
1.  — j     2.— g    3.— a    4.— i     5.— b    6.— f    7.— e     8.— с    9.— d    10— h

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 1
A. Fill in the gaps with the words and complete the information.
More than two thousand years ago Celts lived on the British Isles. They lived in groups. We call these groups tribes. Every group has it king or queen.
The Romans first came to the British Isles in 55 BC. They came with their leader Julius Caesar. They won a lot of battles and left.
The Romans came back in AD 43. They came with 40,000 soldiers. The Romans were the great builders. They built cities, roads and bridges.        Their capital in Britain was Colchester. Romans built London too. They called it Londinium. Romans spoke Latin.
A lot of Celts learnt this Language. Sometimes Celts and Romans lived together, but sometimes they were enemies. The Romans wanted the Iceni’s land and in 60 AD the Iceeni tribe revolted.

C. Do the crossword and find the first key to the treasure.
Helori   Roman   Patrick   Celt

Lesson 10

Рабочая тетрадь № 1
Test yourself

2.Look at the picture and write:
What were the people doing when the boss came into the room?
Sabby was reading a book.
Maggy was writing a letter.
Peggy was playing computer games.
Simon was talking on the phone.

3.Answer the questions.
1. What were you doing at 6 p.m. yesterday? — I was doing my Homework.
2. What were you doing when the teacher came in the class? — I was reading a book.
3. What were you doing at 3 a.m. today? — I was sleeping.
4. What were you doing at 10 a.m. on Saturday? — I was playing football.
5. How long does it take you to get from home to school? — It takes me one hour to get from home to school.

4.Match the first and the second parts of the situations.
1. Let’s hurry! — b) Weare late.
2. Could you stick to the point? — d) We are very pressed for time.
3. To cut a long story short. — a) Let me tell you what happened in the end.
4. This story is very fishy. — d) I don’t believe you.

Часть 2


Lesson 1, 2

1.Match the underlined words and their translations.
1. — b     2. — a   3. — d     4, — с

2.Употребите подчеркнутые прилагательные в значении существительных.
1. The young    2. The English    3. The poor    4. The old     5. The French

7.Choose the right answer.
1. — a     2. — a   3. — a     4. — с

9.Choose the right answer.
In Russia 99 per cent of the children go to state schools.
Boys and girls go to school together.
There are some private schools in Russia.
There are some boarding schools in Russia.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
2.  1. — d     2. — a      3. — b      4. — с         5. — e

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
Match the words and the explanations.
1. All-girls school — d) boys can not study in this school
2. Public school — a) a school which is for the rich and the clever
3. Scholarship — b) something you get if you are very clever
4. Eton — c) the most famous public school
5. Boarding school — e) the school where you learn and live

Lesson 3

1.Fill in the gaps.
I must read seven pages for the next test. I read four pages yesterday and I’ll read the other pages tomorrow.
Two of my Friends are coming on Saturday. The other Friends are coming on Sunday.
This tea is very nice. Give another cup!
This story is boring. Read another one.
Bill doesn’t want to go with us. He has other plans.

Guess the meaning of the underlined word.
Uniform — форма

2.Match the names of the subjects and the translations.
1.— f    2.— d     3.—e      4.— b    5.— a         6.— с

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
Look at the pictures and fill in the gaps.
This pen doesn’t write. I need another one.
This book is boring. Do you have any other?
Five pupils are here. Where are other pupils?
I have two best Friends. One is a boy, the other friend is a girl.

Lesson 5

1.Translate into Russian
Им надо говорить по-английски каждый день.
Мне сейчас надо идти домой.
Туристам следует посмотреть Кремль.
Ему следует представить тебя его родителям

2.Write the sentences with should
You should help your mum.
Pupils should do their Homework.
Everybody should learn foreign languages.
People should protect the environment.

3.Fill in the gaps. Write should or shouldn’t
Translate into Russian.
People shouldn’t drop litter.  Людям не следует сорить.
We should recycle our rubbish.  Нам следует перерабатывать наш мусор.
Everybody should eat vegetables and fruit.  Всем надо есть овощи и фрукты.
Children shouldn’t watch TV all day long. Детям не следует смотреть телевизор весь день.
The rich should help the poor. Богатым следует помогать бедным.
We should protect the environment. Нам следует защищать окружающую среду.
You should learn foreign languages. Тебе следует изучать иностранные языки.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. Read the list of the rules at the David’s School. Rewrite them.
You should be polite.
You should say hello when you see a teacher.
You should come to school on time.
You must stand up when a teacher comes into the class.
You must wear your school uniform.
You shouldn’t eat or drink in the classroom.
You shouldn’t run in the corridors.
You mustn’t talk to people in Lessons.

Lesson 6

Guess the meaning of the underlined word.
Manners — манеры

4.What do you know about table manners?
Say true orfalse
You should eat with your fork and spoon. True
You shouldn’t talk while you are eating.  True
You can eat your cake with a spoon. True
You can eat chips with your fingers. True
You should keep your napkin on the table near your plate. True
The knife goes on the right of your plate. True
If something on the table is too far away, you can stand up and take it. False

Match the picture and the meaning
1. — b    2. — с   3. — a

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. Rewrite the poem. Useshouldorshouldn’t.
Manners, Manners…
The folk should go on the left,
The knife should go on the right.
And you shouldn’t try to et without your fork and knife.

Spoons should be for soup,
Forks — for cakes and stew.
But you shouldn’t try to bite
More food than you can chew.

Manners, (manners)
They are all that matters.
Sit as straight as you could,
Elbows should be close to your sides.

Manners, (manners)
They are all that matters.
You shouldn’t play with your food,
And you will be all right.

If something is too far,
You should pass it to your mates.
But you shouldn’t try to take
From other people’s plates.

To talk at table is polite,
And not to talk is rude.
And you shouldn’t try to talk
When your mouth is full of food.

At table every time
You should watch yourself,
And you shouldn’t start
Without a napkin on your lap.

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
1.Find all mistakes and correct the song.
Manners, Manners…
The fork goes on the left,
The knife goes on the right.
And never, ever try to eat
Without your fork and knife.

Spoons are for soup,
Forks — for cakes and stew.
But never, ever try to bite
More food than you can chew.

Manners, (manners)
They are all that matters.
Sit as straight as you could,
Elbows close to your sides.

Manners, (manners)
They are all that matters,
Never play with your food,
And you will be all right.

If something is too far,
You should pass it to your mates.
But never, ever try to take
From other people’s plates.

To talk at table is polite,
And not to talk is rude.
And never, ever try to talk
When your mouth is full of food.

At table every time
You should watch yourself,
And never, ever start
Without a napkin on your lap.

2.Answer the questions
I should have a knife.
I should put a napkin.
I should never talk.
I should eat my cake with a spoon.

3.What are the children in the picture doing? Match the picture and the verb.
1. A girl is eating.         1 — eat
2. A boy is biting.         2 — bite
3. A girl is drinking.      3 — drink
4. A boy is chewing.     4 — chew

Lesson 10

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
2.Fill in the gaps withother; the other, another.
I have two pens. This one is not very good. I think I should give the other.
The apples are very tasty. Can I have another one?
I have two sandwiches. One is with ham. Please give me the other one. I don’t like ham.
Children’s books are boring. You don’t have to read them. There are other books in the bookcase.
Do you want to go camping with us? No, thank you. I have other hobbies.

3.Look at the children and give them advice about their table manners.
1. You should use a knife.
2. You should sit straight.
3. You shouldn’t talk.
4. You should wash your hands.
5. You should put a napkin on your lap.

4.Complete the sentences.
St David’s is a public school.
In St David’s everybody has to wear uniform.
The pupils are polite to the teachers.
Some boys bully to Robin.
The teachers are very strict.
If the teacher is not happy with you, you can get a detention.

5.What do you know about public schools?
These schools are for the rich and talented.
The most famous public school in England are Eton and Harrow .Prince William, the son of Prince Charles and Princes Diana was the Eton College student.
A year at Eton costs J17 000.
Not everybody has to pay a lot of money. If you have special talents you can get a scholarship.


Lesson 1

6.Fill in the gaps. Use have or has.
Translate into Russian
5. I have listened to the teacher. Я слушал учителя.
2. We have played tennis. Мы играли в теннис.
3. Kate has broken the cup. Кейт разбила чашку.
4. My Friends have called me. Мои друзья позвонили мне.
5. She has written this letter. Она написала это письмо.
6. You have lost the key. Ты потерял ключ.

7.Перепишите предложения, сделав их отрицательными.
Peggy hasn’t made a tasty cake.
Mother hasn’t bought a lot of sweets.
I haven’t found an interesting book.
Kate hasn’t heard the news.
They haven’t come to the past.
She hasn’t finished the exercise.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. Copy the table and fill it in.

B. Put the verbs in the Present Perfect
Translate into Russian
1. Mary has opened the window. Мэри открыла окно.
2. The teacher has given us a lot of Homework. Учитель дал нам много домашней работы.
3. I have phoned my Granny. Я позвонил своей бабушке.
4. You have read this book. Ты прочитал эту книгу.
5. We have made a very nice picture. Мы сделали очень красивую картинку.

C. Перепишите полученные предложения, записав глаголыhave, hasв сокращенной форме.
Mary’s opened the window.
The teacher’s given us a lot of Homework.
I’ve read this book.
You’ve read this book.
We’ve made a very nice picture.

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
1. Распределите глаголы в зависимости от чтения окончания —еd.

2.Найдите I и III формы глаголов и выпишите получившиеся пары.
fall — fallen      buy — bought
go — gone       drink — drunk
build — built     speak — spoken
take — taken   see — seen
do — done       forget — forgotten
be — been      put — put
cut — cut

3.Complete the sentences with the Present Perfect form of the verbs in brackets.
He has not called his friend.
Misha has written a letter to his sister.
The children have cleaned the forest.
She has not walked the dog.
They have bought a new computer.
I have left the book at home.

4.Here is Mrs Morrison’s plan for the day. Write: What has she done ? What hasn’t she done ?
She has made a cake.
She has bought a present.
She has written a letter.
She has decorated the house.
She hasn’t walked the dog.
She hasn’t turned off TV set.

Lesson 2

1.Read, look at the picture and fill in the gaps. Use the verbs open, turn on, break.
Misha: Look! Somebody has just left the room.
Rob: Somebody has broken the window.
Misha: Yes! And somebody has opened all our bags.
Rob: Somebody has turned on the computer.
Misha: And what about your books?
Rob: I haven’t checked them yet.
Misha: Who could it be?
Rob: I don’t know.
Misha: Let’s clean the room!
Rob: Thank God the other boys haven’t come yet.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. Look at the pictures and write.
1. Alexey has just eaten his launch.  Ivan hasn’t eaten his launch yet.
2. Natasha has just washed her hair.  Olga hasn’t washed her hair yet.
3. Boris has done his Homework.  Marina hasn’t done her Homework yet.
4. Helen has done the shopping.  John hasn’t done the shopping yet.
5. Mark has seen a new film.  Tom hasn’t seen a new film yet.
6. Fred has read the book.  Kate hasn’t read the book yet.

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
1.Rewrite the sentences. Use the words yet, already, just.
I’ve written already a letter to my friend.
The children haven’t learned the song yet.
She’s just called her friend.
They haven’t bought a new computer yet.
She’s just called me.
2.Translate from Russian into English.
They have already translated this text.
He has not done his Homework yet.
I have just called Masha.
Mum has already cooked dinner.

3.Complete the sentences.
I can’t phone my friend, because I have lost his phone number.
He can’t play, because he has not cleaned his room.
She is hungry, because her Mum has not cooked dinner.
He is happy, because his friend has sent an e-mail.

Lesson 3, 4

1.Образуйте общие вопросы к этим предложениям.
Has Peter opened the window?
Have we read a very good book.
Has Mary lost her dog?
Have my Friends gone to school?
Have they seen an interesting film?
Has Misha been to London?
Have you bought the book?
Have we finished our work?

2.Образуйте специальные вопросы.
What have we just done?
Why haven’t I done my Homework yet?
How many apples has he eaten?
What has anyone done?

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
В. Write a letter to Misha’s mother and tell her about his marks.
Misha has got a poor mark in Maths.
Misha has got an excellent mark in English.
Misha has got a a good mark in English Literature.
Misha has got a poor mark in German.
Misha has got a satisfactory mark in Physics.
Misha has got a good mark in History.
Misha has got a very good mark in Music.
Misha has got a very good mark in Art.
Misha has got a very good mark in PE.
Misha has got a good mark in IT.
Misha has got a satisfactory mark in Religious Education.
Misha has got an excellent mark in DT.

2.Make sentences from these words.
Translate into Russian,
1. He has never built a house. Они никогда не построил дом
2. They have never seen London. Они никогда не видели Лондон.
3. Have you ever read this book? Вы когда-нибудь читали эту книгу?
4. I have never met him. Я никогда его не встречал.

Guess the meaning of the underlined word.
The giraffe — жираф

7.Find the negative and positive sentences in the poem. Translate them into Russian.
I have never fallen off a very high tree.  Я никогда не падал с очень высокого дерева.
I have never found money.  Я никогда не находил деньги.
And I have never been to Spain.  И я никогда не был в Испании.
And I’ve never gone on a jumbo jet plane. И я никогда не летал на большом реактивном самолете.
I have met Elton John. Я встретился с Элтоном Джоном.
And I’ve tried English tea. И я попробовал английский чай.
But I’ve seen a giraffe. Но я видел жирафа.

8.Answer: true, false or no information.
Misha has never met a famous person. False
Misha has fallen off a high tree and that’s the coolest thing he has ever done. False
Misha; has swum in the sea. No information.
Misha doesn’t know how to dive. No information.
Misha hasn’t been to Spain. True
Misha has never played football. No information
A jumbo jet is a plane. True

9.Fill in the table with the verbs from the song.

10.Match the questions and the answers from the poem.
Have you met famous people? — I have met Elton John.
Have you tried English tea? — I’ve tried English tea.
Have ever fallen off a very high tree? — I have never fallen off a very high tree.
Have you ever found money. — I have never found money.
Have you traveled to Spain? — I haven’t been to Spain.
Have you ever gone on a jumbo jet plane? — I’ve never gone on a jumbo jet plane.

11.Write about Misha.
Misha has met Elton John.
Misha has tried English tea.
Misha has never fallen off a very high tree.
When Misha was eleven, he did a parachute jump, and that’s the coolest thing he has ever done.
Misha has never found money.
Misha hasn’t been to Spain.
Misha has never gone on a jumbo jet plane.
Misha has seen a giraffe, and that’s the coolest thing he has ever seen.

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
1.Make questions with the underlined words.
They haven’t packed their backpacks yet,because they were very tired. — Why haven’t they packed their backpacks yet?
He has just met his friend — Who has just met his friend?
The childrenhave cleanedthe forest. — What have the children done?
The boys have already put upall the tents. — What have the boys already put up?
Theyhave builtв. new house. — What have they done?
Misha has applied for a visa. — Who has applied for a visa?
The girls have picked up a lot offlowers. — What have the girls picked up?

2.Correct the mistakes.
He has just written a letter.
We have seen a very interesting film.
He has read a lot of books.
They have played many games already.
They have been to England.

3.Write true or false sentences about things you’ve done.
I have seen the London Eye.
I have been in America.
I have swum in the Pacific Ocean.
I have travelled in time.
I have spoken to the Queen.
I have flown in the sky.
I have lived in a castle.

4.Match the questions and the answers.
Is that your new dress? — b) No, I haven’t found one yet.
Have you read this book? — c) No, I’ve just bought it.
What have you already done? — a) I’ve washed up the dishes.

Lesson 6

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
2.Make questions and answer them. Use never, already, yet.
Have you ever built a house? — No, I have never built a house.
Have you ever seen a tiger? — Yes, I have already seen a tiger.
Have you ever been to China? — I have never been to China.
Have you ever been to Turkey? — Yes, I have been to Turkey.
Have you bought pizza? — Yes, I have already bought pizza.
Have you ever caught a fish? — No, I have never caught a fish.
Have you ever driven a car? — Yes, I have already driven a car.
Have you ever eaten pizza? — Yes, I have already eaten pizza.
Have you ever found a treasure? — No, I have never found a treasure.
Have you ever gone to America? — No, I have never gone to America.
Have you ever read the book «Oliver Twist»? — Yes, I have already read the book «Oliver Twist».
Have you ever spoken Japanese? — No, I have never spoken Japanese.

3.Translate into English.
Have you ever been to England?
She has never used Internet.
Have you ever jumped with a parachute?
Their team has never lost.

Lesson 7, 8

1.How much do you remember?
1. — b    2. — a   3. — a     4. — с   5. — a

2.Match the parts of the sentences.
1. — d    2. — e     3. — с   4. — a   5.— b

10.Choose the answer andfind the second key to the future.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. Do the crossword in the Workbook and check your answer.
Artos fell asleep by the fire.
Artos tribe are the people of the Ring.
Some Celts went to the West because it was not far away.
The person who gave Artos advice was a Christian priest.
The name of the land of Piets and Scots today in Scotland.
The table of King Arthur and his knight was round.
The special meeting place was by the mountain.
B. Translate into English.
In the fifth century AD the Angles and the Saxons came to the British Isles. Those were Germanic tribes. Celts were Christian but the Saxons were pagans. The Saxons attacked Celts and took their land. Some Celtic tribes went to the West. Now it’s Wales. The other Celtic tribes went to the North. Now it’s Scotland.

Lesson 9

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
2.Put just, already, yet in the right place.
1. I haven’t done my Homework yet.
2. Misha hasn’t found any new Friends yet.
3. Kate is not hungry. She has already eaten.
4. Why are you leaving? You have a lot of work.— I have already done everything.
5. Are you going to buy fruit? — No, Mum has already bought some.


Lesson 1, 2

1. Use the verbs in brackets in the Present Perfect or the Past Simple.
I have already read this book.
2 My father read this book last year.
3. I have never been to London.
4. My Friends were in London last year.
5.1 have seen this dress in the shop next to my house.
6. Every body has seen this dress. I want to buy a new one.
5. Find in the text and copy into your exercise books.
1. — sentences in the Past Simple
I didn’t know about it.
When was I late, sir?
I did skiing when I was seven and I did skating when I was four. But I gave up years ago.
2. — sentences in the Present Perfect
You have already lost us twenty points.
Why have I lost all these points, sir?
You have already been late three times.
And you’ve had three detentions.
Have you ever done any sports?
I’ve done skiing and skating,

7.Fill in the gaps with the words from the text.
There are four teams in St.David’s School: the Tigers, the Bears, the Sharks and the Foxes. The teams comlete. Every new pupil goes into one of the teams. If a pupil does something good, he earns his team points. If a pupil does something bad, he loses his team points. Pupils can also earn points if they do sports.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. Translate from Russian into English.
They built a house last year.
He has already seen his friend today.
This year I have already got six good marks.
Father has just brought fruit.
Last year I red two English books.

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
1.Use the Present Perfect or Past Simple.
Where did you find the key?
He was in Africa last year.
Ha has already seen this film.
I did not see him this week.
They have never met this man.

2.Write the sentences in the Present Perfect.
I’ve just bought this book.
They’ve never seen the stone of Destiny.
Their team has played a football match.
She’s never spoken to an Englishman.

3.Translate into English?
Have you ever seen a tiger? — Yes, I have.
When did you see it? — I saw it in the Zoo.
When did you see it? — I saw it this summer.

Lesson 3

1.Образуйте наречие образа действия от прилагательных.
bad — badly
good — well
stupid — stupidly
angry — angrily
slow — slowly
clear — clearly
quick — quickly
loud — loudly
easy — easily
usual — usually

Guess the meaning of the underlined word
enthusiasm — энтузиазм

4.Complete the sentences with information from the text.
If you can sing beautifully — join the choir.
If you want to live dangerously — join the snowboarding club.
If you can learn quickly — join the Tiger football club.
If you can shout loudly — join the cheerleaders club.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
Make adverbs from the adjectives,
kind — kindly
shy — shyly
angry — angrily
wonderful — wonderfully
mad — madly
cheap — cheaply
clear — clearly
slow — slowly
soft — softly
real — really

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
1.Underline the correct word.
1. quickly     2. easy     3. good      4. beautifully      5. cheap      6. happily

Lesson 4

2.Answer true or false. If false, give the right answer.
1. There are ten players in a football team.  False    There are eleven players in a football team.
2. No player can touch the ball with his hands.  False   The goalkeeper can touch the ball with his hands.
3. The most important thing in football is to score a goal.  True
4. Football was invented in America. False  Football was invented in England.
5. Russian’s most famous football goalkeeper is Lev Yashin. True
6. Italy has never been the world champion in football. False Italy has been the world champion in football.
7. There is a game called rugby football. True
8. There is a game called American football. True

Guess the meaning of the underlined words,
final — финал
champions — чемпионы

6.Read and answer the questions.
The best forward is not in the team because he has joined the choir.
The game is important because it’s final.
No, they didn’t. The game ended in a draw.
Last year the Tigers won two games.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. Fill in the gaps and complete the dialogue.
1. — Have you seen the match between Spartak and Lockton?
2. — No, I haven’t. Who has won?
3. — Spartak has beated Lockton.
4. — What was the score?
5. — 1-0
6. — How did the teams play?
7. — Spartak played very well, but Lockton played nervously.

B. Who are these people? Match the words and the players.
1. — coach     2. — goalkeeper    3. — defender     4 — forward   5 — referee

C. Who does these things?
Goalkeeper stays in the goal.
Forward attacks the goal and scores.
Defender protects the goal.
Coach trains the team.

Lesson 5

2.Translate into Russian.
Какой красивый дом!
Какая хорошая идея!
Какие хорошие новости!
Какие интересные книги!

6.Complete the sentences with words from the brackets.
The Tigers were nervous.
The Bears played brilliantly.
The Bears didn’t give up easily.
Stabber made some fantastic saves.
Misha quickly ran back towards his goal.

10.Translate the dialogue into English.
Did you see the final?
No, what’s the score?
One — nil.
Who won?
The Tigers.
The Tigers. I can’t believe it.
Yes, their goalkeeper made several saves.
And who scored?
Misha Inin from Russia.
But he was a defender.
Yes, he was. But he is a natural forward.
The Tigers beat the Bears. That’s fantastic!

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. Fill in the gaps and complete the sentences.
It was a very interesting game.
Everybody thought «It will be a draw», because five minutes before the end the score was nil — nil. The Bears played brilliantly, and the Tigers were nervous. The Bears couldn’t score because the Tigers’ goalkeeper was very good. Stabber made some fantastic saves.
But the Tigers couldn’t score, because their forward wasn’t with them.
In the beginning Misha Inin was not very good, but in the end he ran towards the Bears’ goal, dodged their defenders, kicked the ball and scored! In the next game Misha will be a defender.

B. Fill in the gaps with a, an, or (no article).
What an interesting trip!
What a beautiful city!
What a tasty food!
What a day!
What a move!
What a boring film!
What clever pupils!

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
What a clever boy!
What an interesting match!
What tasty tea!
What good Friends!
What bad weather!

Lessons 6, 7

5.Match the sentences and the translations.
1. — с     2. — d     3. — a     4.— b

6.Заполните таблицу предложениями из упр. 5

7.Choose the right answer.
1. — a     2. — a     3. — b    4. — b    5. — b     6. — a

8.Make questions for these answers.
What was his name?
Where did he live?
What did he see one morning?
What did his father do?
Why was his mother angry?
What did Bjom’s father give him?
Where did the Vikings go to?
Who killed Bjom’s family?
Where did Bjom want to go to?

11.Answer the questions and find the third key to the treasure.
What made the Vikings the Kings of the sea? The ships.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
There are some mistakes in Gim’s essay. Correct them.
The Vikings came from Norway. It is a cold country. The land there was very bad, so the Vikings were very good farmers. Some Vikings were soldiers. They raided England, killed people and took their gold. The Vikings came to England by ships. Their ships were very good. King Alfred was very clever. He built ships and fought with the Vikings. Finally, he beat them and the Vikings became good neighbours.

Lesson 8

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
2.Fill in the gaps.
What cold weather!
What a difficult subject!
What a funny face!
What good Friends!

3.Put the verbs in the Present Perfect or Past Simple.
My friend has never been to Moscow.
Helen has just come from St Petersburg. How did she get there? — She went by plane.
Yesterday I watched a very good film. — «The Matrix». I have already seen it.
Have you ever been to London? — Yes, I was there last year in summer.

4.Translate into English.
Our team has won!
And when did they win?
What was the score?
One — nil.
And how they play?
One team played beautifully. They won easily. Our keeper made three saves!
Who scored?
John Baker.
It’s a good news!


Lesson 1

4.Look at the pairs of the sentences. Write new sentences with the words in brackets.
The Tigers had no hope because their brilliant defender, Sam Jackson, had broken his arm.
Misha joined the team befor the match had started.
Misha came to the Tigers because he had read their advert in the activities list.
Misha didn’t have any training but he had played very well.

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
1.Translate the sentences into Russian.
He had turned off the TV before the film began. — Он выключил телевизор до того, как начался фильм.
She had found his address before she got his letter. — Она нашла его адрес до того, как она получили его письмо.
Peggy had seen the film before she read the book. — Пегги видела фильм до того, как она прочитала книгу.
Не had scored the goal before he broke his leg. — он забил гол до того, как он сломал ногу.

2.Complete the sentences. Choose the right tense form.
He had learnt English before he went to England.
She went to Yaroslavl, because her friend had invited her.
I didn’t phone my friend because I had lost his phone number.
They went to the airport, because they had received a telegram.
Before he scored a goal he had dodged three players.

Соедините два предложения, изменив союзthenна указанный в скобках.
Не walked the dog. Then he played computer games, (before) — He had walked the dog before he played computer games.
They had dinner. Then she came, (before) — They had dinner before she came.
Jim phoned Mary. Then she bought him a present, (before) — Jim had phoned Mary before she bought him a present.
Their team won ten games. Then they became champions, (before) — Their team had won ten games before they became champions.
Stas sent SMS. Then his friend phoned him. (before) — Stas had sent SMS before his friend phoned him.
She saw him on TV. Then she met him. (before) — She had seen him on TV before she met him before.

Lesson 2, 3

Guess the meaning of the underlined words.
interviews — интервью
reporter — репортер
expedition — экспедиция
pony — пони

7.Match the mottos and the translations.
1. — b    2. — с   3. — a

10.Answer the questions.
When did Scott leave England?
He left England on 15 June 1910.
2. Where did he go?
He went to the Antarctic.
3. How many men went with him?
Four men went with him.
4. When did he start the expedition?
Scott started the expedition on 1 November 1912.
5. How long did it take Scott to get the South Pole?
It took Scott half a year to get the South Pole.
6. Who was the first man at the South Pole? Ronald Amundsen was the first man at the
South Pole.
7. Whose flag did Scott see at the South Pole? He saw a Norwegian flag.
8. Did Scott come back?
No, he didn’t.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. Complete the sentences.
Robert Falcon Scott was a sea-officer.
Roald Amundsen was a famous traveller.
Roald Amundsen went to Antarctic from Norway.
Scott left England in 1910.
Scott wanted to be the first man on the South Pole.

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
1.Put the verbs in brackets in the right tense form.
Robert Scott had a dream, because he had been to the Antarctic before.
Before he went to the South Pole, he had planned the route.
Scott knew about Amundsen who also had gone to the Antarctic.
Very quickly Scott understood that he had made a lot of mistakes.
When Scott and his men got to the South Pole, they saw that they had lost the race.

2.Make questions. Start with the words in brackets.
He had phoned his friend before he went to the theatre. (What?) — What had he done before he went to the theatre?
He had a stomachache because he had eaten a lot of cakes. (Why?) — Why had he a stomachache?
When she received a telegram her brother had already left. (Had?) — Had her brother already left when she received a telegram?
I couldn’t send an e-mail because I had lost her address. (What?) — What couldn’t I do because I had lost her address?

3.Translate the sentences. Use the verbs: arrive, leave, pay, eat, go, read, phone, forget.
When he came, the guests had already eaten the cake.
She couldn’t pay because she had left money at home.
Before she went to Moscow, she had read the book about it.
He couldn’t phone us because he had forgotten our phone number.

Lesson 4

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
2.Open the brackets and fill in the gaps with the right tenses.
Mother Teresa was bom in 1910 in Macedonia.
She was a Catholic nun.
She has opened the charity missions.
Many people wanted to help her
and start the missions in many other parts of the world. These days the missions help the poor and the sick.
Bill Gates is from Seattle. He has started Microsoft. It is the biggest and most successful computer company in the world. When he was thirteen, Bill Gates went to an expensive private school. After that Bill Gates went Harvard University, but he left. Before the University Bill Gates had started his company Microsoft. Today he is a multimillionaire.
I learnt about him from the film «Braveheart». He lived in Scotland in the thirteenth century. When he was about twenty, English soldiers came to Scotland and a war started. The English killed Scottish women and children. They wanted all the Scottish land. William and his @CHP04 = Friends were soldiers. They did not give up. Wallace was very young when he died. The English executed him.

Lesson 5

1.Fill in the gaps.
She was bom in 1910 in Macedonia. She was a Catholic nun and the founder of the early missions. These missions helped the poor and the sick.
In 1979 she got the Nobel Peace Prize for her work. She had started her work in Calcutta, but later her followers opened other missions in many other parts of the world.
Today there are about 500 centers in different countries. These centers give food to 500,000 families and help 90,000 sick people every year.

4.True or false. Correct mistakes.
1. Bill Gates was bom in the USA. True
2. Bill Gates went to Eton. False Bill Gates went to Harvard.
3. Harvard is the best university in England. False Harvard is the best university in the USA.
4. Bill Gates met his future business partner at university. True
5. Bill Gates didn’t graduate from the university. True
6. Today Bill Gates is a very poor man. False Today Bill Gate is a very rich man.
7. Microsoft is a computer software company. True

5.Write questions for the answers.
Where did his parents send him to when he was thirteen?
Where did he met his future business partner, Paul Allen?
Where did he go to after school?
When did he leave Harward?
Why did he leave Harward?

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
5.Choose the right answer.
1. — с      2. — b      3. — a      4. — с       5. — a,b      6. — b, с       7. — с

9.Fill in the gaps. Put the events in the correct order.
6 January, 1066 King Edward died. He left no children. Before he died he had given the English Throne to King Harold.
25 September, 1066 the Viking Harald Hardrada and his Viking army attacked. King Harold Godwinson beat the Vikings.
28 September, 1066 William left Normandy. Six hundred and ninety-six ships sailed to England.
30 September, 1066 William and his army landed near Hastings.
14 October, 1066 the Normans beat the English and William became the King of England.

Lesson 10

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
2.Rewrite the sentences with the right tense form.
Scott’s expedition was not successful because Scott had made a lot of mistakes.
Scott had come to the South before Amundsen came to the South Pole. (False)
Bill Gates couldn’t go to the University because he hadn’t finished school. (False)
Mother Teresa had become a Mum before she got the Nobel Prize.




Lesson 1

6.Misha and Rob are dreaming about the party. What are the boys going to do?
The boys are going to climb down the roof.
The boys are going to get into town by taxi.
The boys are going to dance with girls, drink cola.
The boys are going to play pool.
The boys are going to play computer games.
The boys are going to have fun.
The boys are going to wear the coolest things.
The boys are going to eat tasty sandwiches.
The boys are going to get back by taxi.
The boys are going to climb up the roof.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. Read the card and answer the questions.
Kate is inviting to the party.
She is celebrating her birthday.
The party is going to begin at 4 a.m.
The party is at Kurchatov St. 1—125.

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
1.Rewrite the sentences. Choose the Present Simple or the Present Progressive.
What does Agent Cute do? — He is a secret agent.
When does the train leave? — It leaves at three o’clock.
What is Mary doing? — She is watching TV.
Why is Kate busy? — She is doing her Homework.
Where is Jane? — She is playing tennis in the park.

2.Write the questions to the answers.
Rob is older than Misha. — Who is older, Rob or Misha?
Rob goes to a public school. — What school does Rob go to?
Yes, children have to wear uniform. — Have children to wear uniform?
The public school is in York. — Where is a public school?
No, the school is not new. — Is the school new?
Misha’s hobby is playing football. What is Misha’s hobby?
Agent Cute speaks four foreign languages. How many languages does Agent Cute Speak?

3.Complete the dialogue with the sentences from the box.
Hello. Can I speak to Alice?
Hi, Alice. I want to invite you to my birthday party. Will you come?
I don’t know. When is it?
It’s next Saturday at 4 o’clock.
Yes, Saturday is OK.
What’s the address?
Zhukov Street, 15 flat 108.
How do I get there?
You must go to the bus stop on Krasnaya Street and turn left at the supermarket. My house os on the left.
How long will it take me?
It’ll take you fifteen minutes.
And who have you invited?
I invited Katya, Alex, Dima and Dennis.
We’ll have a lot of fun. Bye!

Lesson 2, 3

8.Read and translate the sayings about Friendship.
Find the sayings with main idea: A friend will stand by you
Жизнь без дружбы, как небо без солнца.
Настоящая дружба начинается в тот момент, когда один человек говорит другому: «Что? Ты тоже? Я думал, что я один такой».
Лучшее зеркало — это старый друг.
Друг в нужде — настоящий друг.
Друг — это тот, кто входит, когда другие выходят.
Каждый человек — это новая дверь в другой мир.
Друг — это тот, кто может петь песню твоего сердца, когда ты ее забыл.

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
1.Используйте в новых предложениях однокоренные части речи, указанные в скобках.
1. Somebodykidnapped Rob.
His Friends must find (noun) — His Friends must find the kidnapper.
Greenpeace is a big organization. They (verb) — a conference last week. — They organized a conference last week.
This writer is abore. All his books are really (adj.) — All his books are really boring.
Angelatranslatesfrom English into Russian. She is a very good (noun) — She is a very good translator.
My brother likesMathematics. He wants to be a (noun). — He wants to be a mathematician.
I have a lot ofFriends. Our (noun) — is the most important thing in my life. — Our Friendship is the most important thing in my life.

2.Put the sentences into the Present Simple or the Future Simple.
If my friend has a problem, I will not let down him.
If the weather is bad, we will stay at home.
You will not find Friends if you are selfish.
You will do this test easily if you listen to the teacher now.
If this film is boring, we will go to the park.

3.Find six mistakes and correct them.
Jack is mean. He never gives me very expensive presents.
My friend is a workaholic. He stays in the office until 8 o’clock.
Sue is very intelligent. She can read or write.
Jane is very bossy, she never listen to good advice.
Kate is the most polite girl I have ever met. She always says hello to people.
Alex is very brave. He always turns off the light in his room.

Lesson 4

1.Complete the sentences. Use each other.
Translate the sentences into Russian.
1. Friends should help each other. Друзьям следует помогать друг другу.
2. My cat and my dog don’t like each other. Мои кошка и собака не любят друг друга.
3. My friend and I are at school together but we never see each other at the weekends. Мы с моим другом вместе в школе, но мы не видим друг друга по выходным.
4. Mary and Kate don’t talk to each other. Kate has let Mary down. Мэри и Кейт не говорят друг с другом. Кейт подвела Мэри.
5. Gim and his brother Tom can’t live without each other. Джим и его брат Том не могут жить друг без друга.

2.Translate the sentences into English.
Friends always listen each other.
We didn’t see each other yesterday.
We phone each other every day.
Look at each other!

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. Translate into English.
My friend never lets me down.
We must discuss this idea.
My friend is a little lazy but it doesn’t mean a thing.
My friend will stand by me till the end.
I have a lot of fun with my friend. Friendship is a very important thing.
My friend and I can’t live without each other.

Lesson 5

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2
A. Write the «qualities of real friend and a fair-weather friend».
What do they do?

Рабочая тетрадь № 2
Translate into Russian.
Have you seen the film «The Matrix?» — Ты видел фильм «Матрица»?
His sister’s hair was long and fair. — Волосы его сестры были длинные и светлые.
It was a fair game, wasn’t it? — Это была честная игра, не так ли?
That morning everybody was happy, because the weather was fair. — В то утро все были счастливы, потому что погода была ясная.

Lesson 6

Guess the meaning of the underlined word.
asthma — астма

4.Put the verbs in brackets in the right form.
Evelyn and Rosy had been Friends before they went to school.
Evelyn came up to Rosy, when she was playing with her other Friends.
When Evelyn was in danger, Rosy couldn’t help her.
Evelyn’s mother didn’t know anything because Evelyn hadn’t told her anything.
Evelyn is the coolest person Rosy has ever met.

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